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6 Simple Questions about Garage Door Springs

6 Simple Questions about Garage Door Springs
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If you go through the manuals of the garage door parts, you will probably be terrified by the technical details and specifications about their maintenance. Don't worry, you don't have to go back to school again since you only need to know some basic things and follow some main rules to make sure of their stability and good performance. Along with the openers, the garage door springs are considered the most essential parts of the system and, hence, you ought to know a few things about them. You don't have to obtain a PhD on springs, but basically get familiar with the way they work and what you can do to keep them fit in order to lift the heavy weight of the door.

How many springs are there?

6 Simple Questions about Garage Door SpringsThere are two. Your choice would depend from the weight of the door since the torsion spring is appropriate for heavy panels while the extension springs for lighter doors.

What parts springs work with?

Most parts are interconnected, but springs work closely with cables and openers. Don't forget that the opener will activate the motion of the door and the cable will start pulling it up as the springs are holding the weight and balancing the two sides.

What are the symptoms of malfunctioning?

The most obvious sign is their loud noise and the most usual treatment is lubrication maintenance. When springs lose their flexibility, you will notice that the door doesn't open and close evenly on the two sides and you will certainly need to make garage door torsion spring adjustment.

Will I find springs for extremely heavy doors?

If the installation of a torsion spring is not sufficient for huge, double sized and super heavy garage doors, you can use multiple ones.

How are they maintained?

They basically need lubrication, dusting and regular checking because you want to avoid a broken garage door spring. So, it's better to examine them often and repair small problems before they lose their flexibility. You should be more persistent during the cold winter days.

How long do they last?

They usually last up to six or seven years before you will need to do garage door torsion springs replacement, but their longevity will also depend from your treatments and the local weather conditions.

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