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Keep an eye on your safety cable

The garage door safety cable is essential for the secure and balanced mobility of your door. The cable not only helps with alignment, but also supports the springs with their difficult job of supporting the door. The safety cable is especially important if one or both of your springs fail, so keep a good eye on its condition and replace it at the first sign of trouble.

Two springs are better than one

Most garages require two springs operating at once in order to supply your door with much needed balance and support of weight. When one of your garage door springs fail it could lead to serious problems regarding this balance, and puts unnecessary strain on all the other components. When this happens, it is best to get them both replaced immediately.

Tempered springs for better support

For exceptionally heavy doors, or garages that operate in extreme weather conditions, regular coil or overhead extension springs might not do the job adequately. Opting for sturdier oil tempered ones is a great option for those doors that need additional strength and support, and they will last far longer than regular ones.

Ensuring your brackets are stable

The brackets that support your chain, belt or screw drive openers may come loose over time and use. Taking a bit of time every now and then to check that the brackets and screws are properly tightened to support the opener is a great way to avoid any unnecessary accidents with your hard earned system.

Test your sensors regularly

Garage door safety sensors are not just important for the safety of your family and vehicles, they are in fact also required to work properly as part of every system, by law. To avoid any unwanted mishaps or nasty surprises, it is a good idea to check the status of your sensors regularly by obstructing them when the door closes. If they don’t work, it is best to have them replaced as soon as possible.

A lost remote is a security risk

A missing remote control can be a serious risk to the security of your home or office. Remember that anyone with a remote has access to your home, which is not ideal if any of them have bad intensions. If you have lost one or more remotes, it is a good idea to reprogram your receiver so that the missing remote can no longer operate it.

Replacing garage door slats

Have you dented your garage door? Well the good news is that you don’t need to replace the entire thing. Garage doors are typically separated into slats to give them a smooth and tidy opening action. If you have dented one part, all you need to do is replace one of the slats.

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