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If you have garage door repair related questions or want to know more about openers, springs and ways to maintain your door, this is the place to be. Scroll down to read some very interesting answers to the most common questions about garage doors and their parts. You'll find what you are looking for right here

How do I know if my springs need replacing?

After extended use garage door springs have a tendency to show signs of stress. These include cracks, wearing and rust, but you can also listen out for strange sounds during the door’s operation. When this happens, it is a good time to start considering replacing them. However sometimes they can fail without warning, due to latent damages.

Which is the best opener for me?

There are three different kinds of openers used for residential doors. Chain motors are great for heavy lifting and consistent use. Belt drives are economical and energy efficient and so are popular for homes. For silent and seamless operation, the best choice is a screw drive opener which operates with a screw around a central pivot for noiseless use.

How can I make my garage door quieter?

A noisy garage door can often be a sign that there is something wrong with your system. Lubricating movable parts should help, and will also improve your opener’s performance. If the sound still persists, it could be that something is wrong with your springs, safety cable, hinges or motor, which may need replacing soon.

What is the safety cable for?

The safety cable helps to take some of the weight being supported by the two springs which are fitted to the door. It also functions as a backup. Should the springs fail, it is the garage door’s safety cable which ensures that the whole thing doesn’t come crashing down unexpectedly, causing damages to any people, property or vehicles nearby.

Should I replace my entire garage door for one dent?

Even small accidents can leave nasty dents in your doors, but luckily, often enough you don’t need to replace the entire thing when this happens. If the damage is isolated then you should be able to get everything in order by opting for singular garage door panel replacement which is a lot cheaper than replacing an entire door.

How do I know if my safety sensors are working?

The Garage door safety sensors are an integral part of the openers' safety features, and so they should be tested regularly. From time to time, obstruct the pathway between the two sensors while the door is closing. If everything is working as it should, the door should halt and reverse immediately, or refuse to close in the first place.

How can I test my reverse function?

Roll some bath towels up and place them on the floor beneath the open garage door. Now close it. Once the door meets the towels it should register that there is pressure obstructing its path. When this happens, the opener should switch directions immediately and begin reversing upwards. If not, you need to have it looked at before damages occur.

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